Monday, February 22, 2010

Amazing Race Asia Season 4

Monday, February 22, 2010

Amazing Race Asia Season 4 (2010) Enrollment is NOW OPEN!!!

I got this information a few weeks ago, from Facebook fans page of Ida Nerina (Actress and one participant of Amazing Race Asia Season 2 from Malaysia). I still remember how was my expression when I got that info :D. Further information you can go to the following website.

Complicated feeling, I'm so happy , because finally they'll make the new season of TARA (It's too long to write The Amazing Race Asia) and give people chance to join it. But I was disappointed, when I read Eligibility Requirements, the age limit is 21. Damn, I'm 18 . . .

Let me tell you a little about TARA. TARA is a reality television game show in which teams of two people who have some form of a pre-existing personal relationship, (such as family, friend, etc) race around the world in competition with other teams.

TARA is the Asian version of The Amazing Race which created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, the original series has aired in the United States since 2001.

In Asia, TARA is being aired in AXN Channel. In Indonesia you can watch AXN by using premium television services, such as Indovision, Telkomvision, etc.

The thing that make me so interested in this show, the participants need to finish all the task as soon as possible to keep in top position, or they will be eliminated if they come last in pitstop. Ok, pitstop is finish line of each leg in TARA, there maybe eleven or more legs in TARA.

The race route take in entire Asia and doesn't limited in Asia only, there maybe Australia, Middle East, Europe, etc.

There are some kind of clue given along the race, they are, Route Info, Detour, Road Block, Fast Forward, Yield, U-Turn.

Route info:
Route Information clues instruct the teams where to go next. The clue usually only provides the name of the team's next destination; it is up to the teams to figure out how to get there. The transportation modes could be planes, taxis, rental cars, trains, buses, boats, and by foot.

A Detour presents the team with a decision between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. The two tasks are named, often based on rhymes or puns, such as "Plow" / "Fowl" to differentiate between a task involving plowing against a task involving corralling ducks. Teams are given several details about both tasks, but may need to travel a short distance by foot or car to the different task locations.

A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. A Roadblock clue is given as a cryptic question, such as "Who's really hungry?" or "Who wants to get down and dirty?" Based on this information and observation of any other racers at the task, the team must decide which member is doing the task before reading the rest of the task description.

Fast Forward:
The Fast Forward clue is given with one of the Route Markers during a leg when it is offered, providing an alternate task that a team could complete. The first team to complete this task would then receive a clue that allows them to go directly to the leg's Pit Stop, bypassing all remaining tasks in the leg; any other team that tried for it will have lost time and must follow the standard Route Marker clue.

The Yield marker is placed near a Route Marker, and teams would be forced to stop at it to state their intentions to employ the Yield. If a team Yielded another team, they would place a photo of the Yielded team, along with a "Courtesy Of" photo of themselves, on the stand. When the Yielded team arrived at the Yield, they would then turn over an hourglass and wait for the sand to drain before they can continue to the Route Marker.

The U-Turn, is similar in format to the Yield; however, it is always placed immediately after a Detour. After completing their Detour option, a team may use their U-Turn ability to force another team to backtrack and complete the Detour option they did not previously complete. Like the Yield, the team placing the U-Turn places a photo of the team they are penalizing along with their own "Courtesy Of" photo on the U-Turn marker stand.

What an amazing experience if you can travel around the world for free, (because you don't need to speed your own money to do the race, this show has some  sponsor) and get the most unforgetable experience, it's priceless.

But to get involved in the show, it's not 'free'.
I mean you have to beat a lot of applicants which come from the whole of Asia.
Can you imagine?

You need to be 21 years old to apply (ok i'm not), have passport (i can make it soon), have international driving license (just like the passport), ability to speak, read, and write English fluently (i'm qualified :D), have a partner which qualified the same requirements, and you have to make 3 minutes audition video with your partner, the video should tell everything about both of you, especially your unique personalities. The producers of the show will consider about it.

The video and application should be sent together to the office of AXN, in Singapore or Hongkong.

Applicants which pass the first phase of video audition, will be called for interviews, a lot of interviews. Until they (producers) get 10 teams which qualified all the requirements and pass all test.

The race will be 20-35 days, from the beginning until the final.
The winner will get grand-prize, in Asia grand-prize is about US$ 100,000 (US version give US$ 1,000,000).

For me, the prize isn't my priority (but i wont reject if they give it :D), the experience and pride if I can join and finish the race.

Hmmphh, hope I will, will make Indonesia proud of me . . . 

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