Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Cash are Prohibited

Thursday, July 22, 2010

There’s no need to bring cash, just bring these cards, then you can go away enjoying life :D

Flazz BCA:
It's a prepaid card, it substitutes your cash. Just place it on the reader, your bill will be paid. It can be top-up until one million rupiah (it’s Indonesian Central Bank Regulation for saving money in non-PIN-ed card). Nor like debit card which have minimum bill amount for paying by them, you can even pay Rp 1000 by using this card (my smallest amount of payment by this card was Rp 900).

Avoiding any queue, just go to Blitzmegaplex, find Blitz Ticket Machine, choose movie, then choose your own seat(s), finally the ticket(s) will be printed. You can also buy ticket(s) in advance for another day show through Blitz Card Machine, web, mobile, or via instant messenger. Both of Blitz Ticket Machine and Blitz Card Machine are self-service device.

Both card above using RFID technologies. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification can make every transaction faster and easier. RFID is a contactless technology, so you don’t need to swipe, insert, or scan the RFID card. Just place it nearby the reader, then the card will be processed.

Another RFID application is geo-tag. Tagged stuff can be tracked via GPS, it can be applied in expedition shipment, vehicles, mobile phones, or maybe planted in creatures, such as animal or human (so your girlfriend can track where are you, hhaha).

In some car park, RFID already been applied. No need to take the ticket pass.

In a supermarket, RFID can also be applied, makes NO QUEUE IN CASHIER. Simple explanation, every product in the store are tagged with RFID tag, you bring RFID card for payment. Get the stuff you want to buy, then check-out via RFID gate, everything done :D

Here's the illustration