Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Welcome to My New Home: blog.akbarsurya.net

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

By today (September 13th, 2011), We are I'm officially moved from the old address sayamaunulis.blogspot.com to my new one at blog.akbarsurya.net
I decide to move couple days ago after having a little thought and disscussion with @kyeiki. This was inspired by 'hijrah' which mean "move to something better", also I'm hoping that everyting will be better here, in my new home.

To ensure that you won't miss my recent updates, you need to make a change at Blog List widget if you have subscribe to my blog. For blogger users, simply go to Blog List widget, remove my old blog, then add again by using my new address http://blog.akbarsurya.net/. For another subscribers, just make sure your RSS Link is pointed to http://blog.akbarsurya.net/feeds/posts/default. I'd be honored  to have your cooperation :) Good news, you don't need to make any change at all :D

I'm moving but my blog name won't be changed, it will be always "Saya Mau Nulis ™" (until I announced for any name change). But, I've changed my tagline, the new tagline is "Selalu ada inspirasi baru di tiap harinya" (en: There's always new inspiration everyday), hopefully my blog will also inspired you (my blog reader) as well :)

You'll be also can visit my tumblr in new address at tumblr.akbarsurya.net as soon as I finish the setup. Enjoy :)