Sunday, December 25, 2011

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One Day Vacation: Tangkuban Parahu

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Since Jatinangor being extremely quiet, I always decided to leave this place. The first one was last February, I went to Yogyakarta with Ebby by my bike. The second was when my mom phoned me then she asked me if I wanna go home, then I said yes. The third one was yesterday. This week should be the end of final tests according to my campus schedules, but because of some unpredictable ‘things’ my faculty have different schedule, and my tests will be started at the beginning of 2012, what the...

After finished my damn lots laundry, Reza and I leave Jatinangor for Bandung, we have decided where to go but still unsure yet because of traffic. Arriving at Unpad DU, which was our check point, we waited for another participant, Retna. While waiting, we were looking for some snacks and drinks. Unfortunately, Reza took failed production of a bottle vit-C, we can’t even open the cap just because the seal was broken, it’s keep rotating with the cap. Struggling with the cap for half an hour, finally I took the pliers, and voila! It’s open..

Done with Dzuhur prayer, Retna have just arrived. Having short conversation, then we depart to Punclut which was our next check-point for lunch. Because none of us have ever been there, we use Google Maps supported with GPS from their Androids (well, I’m not interested enough to Android, I’ll buy an iPhone, LOL). Following the GPS, but suddenly get loss (GPS weren’t help enough), we clogged at the end of roads. Asking locals with Sundanese Accent, we got new direction.
Mount Geulis (in the middle) - View from Punclut
Arrived at Puclut, we saw many of Lesehan Restaurant, as always, we choose the crowded one which seems to be popular, LOL. Having seated on tikar (floormat made from braided plastic) we ordered Roasted Chiken, Lalapan (traditional salad), Brown Rice, and Es Dwegan (Fresh opened coconut). The food was just ordinary tasted, but the view was wonderful. At that high we can see entire Bandung, even I can took picture of Geulis Mt. located at Jatinangor.

Leaving Punclut, our next destination was Bosscha Observatory, but due to traffic we turn to another place, Tangkuban Parahu Mt. Last time I visited Tangkuban Parahu was more than a decade ago, this gonna be nostalgic one. Riding for about 10 kilometers to north, slow but sure the weather became drizzly, also fog covered our visibility.

At the entrance gate of Taman Wisata Alam Tangkuban Parahu, the officer was asked three of us for IDR 49,000! (IDR 13,000 per domestic visitor, IDR 5,000 per bike) Too expensive we think, even international visitor should pay IDR 50,000 per ticket for a person! This is a robbery!

Forget about that..
From entrance gate, there’s still some kilometers away to Tangkuban Parahu, the road was wide enough for just two cars, fogs getting thicker and thicker. After 15-20 minutes riding we arrived at the place. In the parking lots, a person asked us to pay (again) IDR 2,000 per bike for parking, bzzz….

Getting around we the crater, but lil bit hard because fogs covering them, but a few minutes later the fogs was away and we could see the crater.
Almost two hour we spend at TWA Tangkuban Parahu also due to it’s operation hour till 5.00 PM finally we leave the TWA.

One hour later we arrived at Masjid Al Furqan at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (University of Education Indonesia). We took Maghrib prayer there. I was so exhausted, maybe due to the journey also I haven’t sleep last night, I slept there for about 15 minutes.

Our next destination was looking for a dinner, browsing through the internet, we depart to Gepuk Ny. Yong. As soon as we leave UPI, suddenly the skies fall, it’s raining hard! Step aside and wearing raincoat, we continue our journey, but then we found that Ny. Yong Restaurant was close so then we heading to D’Cost at BIP.

This is the end of the note (Seems familiar, huh? LOL) :D