Friday, December 09, 2011

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This is Fieldtrip

Friday, December 09, 2011

The journey began from Jatinangor. We depart at 4.30AM heading to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.
Our mission was having an educational journey called fieldtrip, which we're gonna visit some places to see what mathematics student can do after we graduate from campus.
And the destinations were Museum Bank Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, and Guet Studio (Venue for OVJ show shooting).
At 5.20AM we finally arrived at Rest Area to take Shubuh prayer.
By 8.18AM we safely arrived at Museum Bank Indonesia. Luckly, we departed and arrived earlier, so we can join the tour immediately instead of waiting another group.
We got lots of knowledge about Indonesians Economic history. We also can see some historical stuff. For me it always good to visit a museum, it's a great place.
Near by the end of tour, we saw many kind of money, also money that used several decades ago. We also saw of small amount Indonesian Rupiah bank notes, such as 10 Rupiahs, 20 Rupiahs, etc.
After taking a tour, we took some photos at the building, then we continue our journey, the next destination was Indonesia Stock Exchange.

By 11.30AM, we arrived at a parking lot nearby the IDX building. As soon as we arrived, we took a lunch, and after that we're going to do Dzuhur Prayer.
Instead of easily find a Musholla/Masjid, we definitely LOST. Because the masjid situated near us was closed, we don't even understand..

After walking arround, finally we found a musholla.
At 1.50PM, we were heading to IDX building. The IDX building seems to be like a twin tower.
Shortly we're going to the first floor and coming in to a seminar room.
A nearby 50 years old man came to us and he gave some explanation about what is IDX, it's role, prospect in the future, also it's correlation with mathematics science. It was nice to visit IDX, I can see how stock's price can change every minutes.

After having some photoshoot in IDX, we're heading to our final destination, Guet Studio.

Guet Studio is shooting venue for Opera Van Java TV show which aired by Trans7. Most of us really excited for having a visit there. And it was our lucky day, because the show will be aired LIVE at TV.

I was very shock when I got into the studio, why? The place was so small, even not bigger than Mathematics Parking Lot. It smaller than it's looks in TV! REALLY!

At 8.00PM the show began, and some of us got shooted by cameras, haha.
The show ends at 10.00PM, with sleepy head we are going to the bus and heading back to Jatinangor.

It was wonderful experience. Thank you and congratulations to Organizing Commitee, you've made such a nice journey :)