Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bonjour et Bienvenue à bord

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finally got a chance to try one of my favourite airlines, Air France! Oui oui oui!

Since I’m fans of everything about France but can’t write or speak France (yet), I’ll write this post in English.

Heading to Singapore (SIN), Soekarno-Hatta International (CGK) was my departure airport, quite short flight for a Boeing 777 isn’t it? Yes, Air France bring its newly upgraded Boeing 777 for Paris-Singapore-Jakarta (vice versa) flights. We went to baggage drop counter at Terminal 2E since we’ve finished our check-in through their website. Staff was very friendly (maybe the most friendly check-in staff I’ve ever met), she offered us to upgrade into premium economy for IDR 450,000. Personaly I thought it’s not that worthy because of short haul flight.

It’s about two hours before boarding, feels like going to strecth my leg after whole day drama (another story). I expected there’s a lounge for Telkomsel’s post-paid customer, but didn’t find any, why Telkomsel, why..

Boarding commence at 8PM, staffs did re-check our carry on baggage to make sure everything is fine. They’re Indonesian and speak French, feels like I’m nothing..~

I’m super thrilled when I walked to the plane, Boeing 777! Air France! Gimme gimme some air, huh hah huh hah! Cabin was very nice, the left side after the door was first class, didn’t have chance to see it. Walked through the aisle, to economy class ofcourse, there’re Business Class with very nice full recline-able seats, then Premium Economy (class between business and economy), and finally Economy Class in the aft cabin. My seat was 46L, I always prefer window seats behind the wing. The economy class seats were very nicely designed, you could feel the luxurious touch, also there’s a pillow.

IFE Economy Class
Kinda amazed when I noticed that In-flight Entertaintment (IFE) already switched on, even during boarding, things that won’t happened inside our lovely national carrier, ups. The IFE was very responsive and user friendly, there’re lots of movies, games, musics, even front landing gear camera monitor, so we could see outside’s situation. Didn’t see any headsets, I plugged my own earphone to listen some music. There’s USB port if you want to play your media files or recharge your device, also a universal electricity plug beneath the front seat handrest, heaven!

Door closed right on the schedule, few seconds after push back, they played safety demonstration video. I watched this video thousand times but still excited when it’s being played onboard, LOL, katro! (some Indonesian understand that)

Shortly after take off and seat belt sign switched off, cabin crews gave us AF’s headsets, refreshing towel, and eye cover for sleeping (don’t know the english word). The sound was quite good for airline headset, (un)fortunatelly they don’t allowed passengers to bring it home.

Meal service was a sandwich with some veggies and cheese also some standard drinks like juice, tea, coffee, mineral water, etc., much different from what my friend told me before (he flew Air France months ago and got main course meal). However, cabin crews were very nice and helpfull, they welcome and serve every passenger as special guests. Good job AF!

Time does flies, luckily I’m onboard, the aircraft begun to descend about 20 minutes before scheduled arrival, aah, wish I could be on the next flight to Paris.

Merci beacoup Air France, looking forward to fly you again!

Return flight

Some differences from the previous flight were:

  • Headsets already placed on our seats before boarding
  • Cabin crews were bit unfriendly, they kinda doesn’t like when I put my camera on to record the boarding moment, on of them said, “no recording inside the airplane,” whaat? Wish that won’t happened again.
  • The electricity plug didn’t switched on until few minutes before landing